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Tango Makes School Library Journal
Monday, January 01, 2007

by School Library Journal 1/01/07

"A review committee will reconsider a decision by the Charlotte schools superintendent to remove a picture book about two male penguins that raise an adopted hatchling together." Article here.

When I read the article in VOYA this month, How Can We Help? The School Library as Sanctuary by media specialist, Lynn Everts, it reminded me of the local controversy surrounding, And Tango Makes Three by Richardson (Simon & Schuster 2005).

"Books are our stock in trade, but the teens are really why we’re here. When we remember that, we’ll do our best to create those safe spaces that all teens so desperately need."

No matter what CMS' decision is, and even though this is a picture book, I still hope that teens will find our libraries to be a safe space.

PLCMC owns over twenty copies of Tango. They are all currently checked out or on hold.

posted by Kelly @ 3:41 PM,


At 4:05 PM, Blogger jesse said...

And the story is true! Now they're trying to block reality. Wow.


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