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PLCMC Teen Forum

Book controversy in CMS schools
Thursday, December 21, 2006

On Wednesday, December 20, the Charlotte Observer reported that the book, and Tango makes three by Justin Richardson was ordered to be removed from school libraries by Superintendent, Peter Gorman. On Thursday, December 21, the Observer reported that the book was back in schools because it was 'an error to ban without panel review.'

Even though this is a children's picture book, and obviously, most teens aren't going to be interested in reading this particular book, I think it's important to be aware of censorship in the community that we serve, especially when CMS hasn't banned a library book in more than a decade.

The American Library Association commented on the 12/20 article:

"One parent's decision shouldn't dictate whether or not the book is available to all the other families in the community," said Deborah Caldwell-Stone of the American Library Association. "Any challenge to a book is ultimately an attempt to remove an idea from public discourse."

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